Emergency Financial Assistance

This program is meant for one-time emergency financial assistance. This is not a supplemental income or reoccurring benefit. Each case will be determined individually. 
  • JFS Release
  • General Release

Veteran ID Cards (State ID)

We can create and issue Veterans’ state ID cards. The Veteran’s Discharge/ DD214 must be recorded at the County Recorders Office (County Courthouse) before the card can be made. Once recorded a “volume” and “page number” will be on the certified copy. 
  • ID Card Process
  • County Recorder’s Office and Process

State of Ohio Benefits

  • Homestead Exemption
  • Veteran Homes
  • Veterans Bonus
  • License Plates
  • Employment
  • War Orphans Education
  • Recreational Benefits

Other Veterans Resource Links


Our office collaborates with Black & White Paratransit to provide door-to-door services to VA appointments or Community Care that has been approved by the VA. Please call our office to enroll in this program.
  • Black&White ParaTransit

VA Benefits

These are federal benefits provided by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The VA makes the decision, but we are your trained advocates and accredited by the VA that can prepare, submit and represent you before the VA. Each veteran or surviving eligible dependent’s situation is unique. Call us to make an appointment to discuss benefits and entitlements you may be eligible for (usually takes about an hour).
  • VA Healthcare – Primary Care Physician, VA Medical Center, Mental Health, etc.
  • VA Benefits-Service Connected Disability Compensation, Pension, DIC, Survivor Pension, etc.
  • VA National Cemetery- Burial in a National Cemetery, Burial Reimbursement, Headstone, etc.

Honor Detail

The Honor Detail provides the final honors for a Veteran’s burial. This is usually coordinated with the funeral home. If you have a unique situation, call us to coordinate a service.
  • Coordination with Funeral Homes
  • Grave Marker and Flags for Honorably Discharged Veterans

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